Speech-Language Therapy Services

Our private speech-language therapy services are designed to help children from birth to adolescence who struggle with speech and/or language delays and disorders. Through comprehensive evaluation and various types of therapy, kids can learn to communicate effectively and confidently so they can live a happy, fulfilling life.

Therapy services

We help children with:
Augmentative and alternative communication
Receptive and expressive language
Speech sound production
Executive functioning
Early intervention speech therapy between therapist and girl in Durham, NC

Caitlin Burke sees children in their natural environment, whether at home, school, or daycare, where she can collaborate with families and educators.

Each session incorporates aspects of
executive functioning therapy, literacy, and sensory strategies based on the unique needs of each child.

What is.....?

boy in his house doing private speech therapy lessons in Cary, NC

Speech Sound Therapy

If a child substitutes one sound for another or changes a word by adding or removing sounds, it can be difficult to understand what the child is saying. Speech sound therapy focuses on learning the correct way to produce sounds.

Language Therapy

Children might have trouble understanding and using words and sentences, which can make it difficult to respond and communicate effectively. Language therapy helps children express themselves and understand others by expanding their vocabulary and improving cognitive processing.

Girl in home doing private speech therapy lessons with a Language speech pathologist in Raleigh NC

Our Rates

Child Speech Evaluations:  $350 

Evaluations are the first step for all new clients.  Has your child been evaluated in the last 6 months?  If your report addresses your concerns and appropriately informs therapy, let’s skip this step!  Out evaluations include a comprehensive report and discussion with the family.

Child Speech Therapy:  $100
Individual therapy sessions include direct time spent with your child plus additional time for parent consultation.  Our 45-minute therapy sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis.

Parent & Professional Consultations:  $150/HOUR
Parent and professional consultations are charged in 15-minute increments. 

Independent Educational Evaluations  

Please contact us for pricing details.

Our Process - 4 Steps

1. Phone Consult

You’ll have a complimentary phone consultation with Caitlin to determine if the needs of your child and family align with Caitlin’s areas of expertise.

2. Speech Evaluation

If we have a good match, we’ll determine where services will be provided and schedule a speech-language evaluation.

3. Go over results of evaluation.

This is followed by a consultation to go over the results and discuss a therapy plan.

4. Start working to achieve your goals!

Then we’ll schedule recurring therapy sessions and start working to achieve your goals!

A private pay model....

Although we can provide a superbill if you have out-of-network coverage, and certain types of therapy may be covered by a health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA), The Little Speech Tree does not accept health insurance.

A private pay model gives us the freedom and flexibility to operate in a way that’s best for the child. Caitlin can maintain a low caseload and spend more time with each child and family, offering more comprehensive, personalized therapy with innovative techniques. This approach allows us to make more progress in less time compared to cookie-cutter therapy plans.

Caitlin is a NCSEAA approved provider.

You want what is best for your child.

Unfortunately, speech-language therapy is sometimes delayed as parents hope their child will grow out of whatever is causing them difficulty. Early intervention, however, is critical to identifying the cause of a child’s difficulty and the right treatment plan as quickly as possible. Let’s have a conversation to discuss your concerns.
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