Meet Caitlin

ASHA-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

Founder of The Little Speech Tree

We Grow Everyday

Caitlin Burke sees many similarities between a child and small tree. Both are still growing, and both need strong roots to thrive. For a child, the cognitive processes involved with speech and language are critical to growth but hidden beneath the surface. The rewiring of the brain that occurs during speech-language therapy isn’t visible, but it can have a dramatic impact not only on a child’s communication skills, but on their confidence, happiness, and independence.

The Nurturing & Learning Environment For Your Child

Caitlin is a speech-language pathologist who helps children of all ages, from babies and toddlers to elementary school-age kids and teenagers. She enjoys “getting into the world” of each child, uncovering the root cause of their struggles, and developing comprehensive, personalized treatment plans to help them become the best version of themselves. Every child who sees Caitlin is met with compassion, enthusiasm, a big smile, and a genuine desire to improve their quality of life.

A Note from Caitlin

Thank you so much for exploring The Little Speech Tree! I absolutely love working with children, and I’m fascinated by the science of the human brain. Speech-language therapy allows me to apply research and science in a helping profession that can truly change the life of a child.

There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing a child say “I love you” for the first time… seeing a child excited to talk about what they learned in school… witnessing a child’s confidence grow as they learn new skills and overcome challenges… seeing parents build closer relationships with children who previously struggled to express themselves.

Prior to starting my own practice, I had been working in a school setting. Although I enjoyed working with students, strict eligibility requirements for speech-language therapy, mountains of paperwork, and a growing caseload started affecting my ability to provide the highest level of care.

I founded The Little Speech Tree so I could put your family’s goals and values at the forefront of every therapy session. I have the freedom to provide therapy services my way – small caseload, more time which each child and family, more personalized sessions, and constantly looking for ways to improve – all of which contribute to more progress in less time. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help your child as well!


Caitlin Burke

Education and Credentials

  • Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and  Disorders, Michigan State University 
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Completed Jessie Ginsburg’s INSIDE OUT Sensory Certificate Program
  • Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) Trained Clinician
  • Recipient of the Lara Jane Parker Award for Excellence (2017), a New Voices Foundation program that recognizes individuals who work daily to improve the lives children.

Contact Caitlin

If you think your child’s speech or language skills are not at the level of other kids of the same age, or you’re just not sure, let’s have a conversation. Early intervention is key to overcoming speech and language challenges!
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