Speech-language therapy designed to help children become the best version of themselves.

Child Speech Therapy Services

The Little Speech Tree is neurodivergent-friendly, which means all children are accepted and celebrated, regardless of how they speak, think, or learn. We see differences, not deficits. We see mountains to climb together, not “disorders.” Rather than trying to change children, we help them learn new skills and become comfortable with who they are so they can live happily and independently.

Creating Moments of Human Connection

Caitlin Burke brings compassion, energy, and positivity to every interaction with a child. She specializes in entering each child’s world – physically, mentally, and emotionally – to earn their trust and make them comfortable. She treats them with a natural, authentic approach that allows her to establish a connection and make as much progress as possible in each session.

Caitlin Burke child Speech Pathologist in Durham, NC
Working with Caitlin changed our lives. With her insightful application of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) during our children's speech therapy sessions and in training us parents to carry on communicating outside of speech therapy sessions, we were able to bring our three non-speaking Autistic children from near non-communication to full communication. Now everyone in our family communicates by speaking, and we have a happy mix of AAC as a normal part of our lives to help smooth over moments when speaking can be a challenge. Caitlin's whole-person, respectful, partnership based approach to communication is rare and profoundly life-changing. We highly recommend her services and are forever grateful for how much functionality and joy she has helped us establish in our Autistic household.
Autistic Mother of 5 Autistic children (Durham)
Caitlin has opened up so many doors for our son who is nonverbal and has autism. Caitlin introduced us to the Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) communication system so that our son would not only be able to express his basic wants and needs, but engage in meaningful interactions with us, such as telling us that his favorite person is his younger brother. This was a huge game-changer for our son and our family. Caitlin's speech therapy sessions engaged our son with fun and motivating activities to communicate about. Caitlin is very compassionate, caring, and extremely hard-working. She is an advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum, no matter how complex their needs. Caitlin has reminded us, as parents, that all communication should be honored. For instance, if your child repeatedly points to a picture of "foot" in his PODD book, there may just be a blister under one of his socks that needs to be addressed. We cannot say enough about Caitlin's impact upon our son and our family.
Mother of a 20-year-old (Apex)
My son has both speech and language delays and the progress he has made with Caitlin over the last two and a half years is incredible! Caitlin was a light at the end of a seemingly never-ending tunnel. She found ways to connect with my son on a level where he found it fun to go to speech therapy. Caitlin is very thorough in her documentation, and explains assessments thoroughly and in a way that is easy to understand. Caitlin goes above and beyond when designing her therapy plans by tailoring them to each child. There have been moments when Caitlin was so touched by a breakthrough moment with my son that she would call just to tell me how awesome it was. It is very apparent that Caitlin is passionate about what she does and I highly recommend her!
Mother of an 8-year-old (Durham)
I am so grateful our child has had the benefit of working with Caitlin for speech therapy since he was 4 years old. In the past 3 years, Caitlin has greatly helped him improve his articulation as well as helped him feel safe, seen, and comfortable. Caitlin combines her expertise in speech pathology with her warmth and insight that allows her to see each child as an individual whole child. Her communication is easy and thoughtful and because of her advocacy, we have a better understanding of our child. Her observations led us to getting the help our son needed from his school counselor. Caitlin is a wonderful human being who helps families and children get the help they need.
Mother of a 7-year-old (Durham)
Caitlin is exceptional. We have worked with her since our son was 3 years old. We have made so much progress, in a great thanks to her consistent and persistent efforts to break down difficult speech concepts into smaller, realistic, and achievable steps. Caitlin took the time to connect with our son, identify his strengths and weaknesses, in addition to his unique learning style and preferences. This helped our family build a daily speech therapy routine that worked for our son. Navigating how to help our little ones find their voice, especially when they do not have the words themselves, can be a challenge to say the least. I am so grateful Caitlin is a friend to our son and part of his support team for success.
Mother of a 5-year-old (Durham)

Trust Your Instincts

If you’re unsure about whether your child’s ability to communicate isn’t quite where it should be, let’s have a conversation. We’ll discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and determine whether a more in-depth speech-language evaluation is needed.

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